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Thread: Why Jets fans shouldn't root against the Jets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    Complete crap.

    Rex coaches with emotion, that's his style, to be fair, he'll need to learn to balance it out, and he's doing that.

    Hard Knocks? Complete BS.

    A coach encouraging his players to play with emotion, that is what the game is about.

    The Jets didn't invite ESPN, they requested it, the Jets didn't care. The ONLY reason ESPN did it, was to kick off the Tebow nonsense, the Jets probably didn't see it coming. And spare me the media rhetoric and Woody's PSL's, and Woody wanted backpages, it's pure media CRAP!

    Tebow did not fly in on Woody's private plane, and the media requested the press conference, not the other way around.

    If you're going to spew garbage, get your facts right.
    Why give the media a press conference? All everyone was talking about was how this was going to affect Sanchez. Screw the media.

    Espn requested to come to Foxboro and BB didn't even answer them.

    Being media savvy is knowing what the press is about, you saying they were unaware is exactly what i was saying.

    I agree that Rex tries to get his players playing with their heart, While BB encourages a cerebral approach, but that was not a point i was making, My point was encouraging them to talk emotionally, not play emotionally- that is the difference.

    What good does hard knocks do a team, Why did Rex object to HBO's request this year, Woody wanted to do it again, rex and Tanny both told him they did not want it.

    Now this is my opinion only and I never heard this reported, When they turned down HBO, they compromised and said ok to ESPN having more access.

    And Woody does want publicity, all owners do. And I think being in a two team market drives him to seek it.

    And if you think Rex and Tanny wanted Tebow on this team, after Rex saying the wildcat was a gimmick whose time had passed, your sticking your head in the sand.

    And I was wrong, the plane was Tebow's not Woody's. I remembered it being a private plane and my mind just assumed it was Woody's. It was not an attempt to spew garbage but an understandable mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckesg1 View Post

    2. Assumption part I: We are assuming that if the Jets go 6-10 or 7-9 that a house cleaning is on the way. Reports have already come out saying that Rex and Mark are staying with the Jets and Tanny will be moved if these events occur. But it is not definite. So essentially, fans are rooting for an unknown happenstance.

    3. Assumption part II: So if Woody cleans house, how do we know that the next staff is going to be better? Pete Carroll was fired after one losing season and we got Kotite'd. San Diego fired Marty Schottenheimer after going 14-2 and have not done anything since under Norv Turner. Just because we clean house doesn't guarantee success in the next version.
    Because you would hope the organization would make the right move and let go of Tannenbaum, maybe Rex, and relegate Mark Sanchez to a Matt Flynn in Seattle type of role.

    9-7 would eliminate all of the above and prove nothing as all they would have done is beat **** teams to make the playoffs and lose.


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