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Thread: Is it me or is Cromartie getting all the calls now ?

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    Is it me or is Cromartie getting all the calls now ?

    When Revis was on the field and giving WRís the business, Cromartie couldnít lay a finger on a WR without getting flagged.

    Now, every replay I see on him, heís playing like Revis: excellent in coverage with a strategically placed tug, pull or push off. Against the Jags there were a few that could have been called IMO.

    I think itís a mix of both: heís getting the calls and heís doing it better (ie: less blatant).

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    I've noticed that, too. didn't he have like 5 PI penalties through the first couple games? THink he's had about 1 since his rise to studdom. I saw him getting a little grabby vs. Jax, but nothing called. Excellent

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    It was his time to step up and I'm really surprised he's doing so well. Knowing he has this potential, but couldn't believe he was ready to activate it.

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    Bodes well for the pass defense once Revis returns.
    They really have two shut down corners now.

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    If we have both these guys next year ... Omg. He has elevated his game big time.

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    the Jets pass D has been great since Rex arrived -- I think low-mid 50s completion percentage allowed for the 4th straight year. Especially outside the numbers. And this without a pass rush. I give Wilson some sht on occasion for getting toasted or fist pumping after giving up a 10 yard catch, but really the Jets DBs are probably the highlight position this season. They could use a few more INTs and TEs still do some damage, but on the whole, Cro and Co. have been pretty nasty this season


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