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Thread: Tebow still #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    No, it shows you can pull a fluke out once in awhile, derp. If you can't do it consistently (and in Tim's case, not even half the time...), you can't do it. Cry more because your guy sucks and make more excuses for him, but he simple can't throw.

    In any event, it's a moot point because Rex isn't gonna let anyone but Cantchez start.
    Not crying about it at all, and I'm not making excuses. I'm offering an explanation.

    Think about this, if Tebow couldn't throw the ball, how in the hell did he amass all that yardage in college, along with a 65+% career completion percentage ?

    He was able to do that because while flawed, his mechanics were CONSISTENT. Yes, he had that long ass windup. Yes, he looked like he was throwing a javelin. BUT, he did it the same way just about every time, which led to CONSISTENT results.

    He needs to gain that consistency with his new mechanics. That will come with thousands of reps, and who knows, it might have already happened.

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    Don't be timid and politically correct if you believe Tebow is the best QB on the roster. There's no shame in saying so.

    Mark Sanchez has the most fragile psyche of any starting QB I have seen in many years, and thus has no business leading the Jets. McElroy has tossed 7 balls in his career so is, as of now, non-battle tested in NFL games.

    Tebow should be starting. Mentally tough as nails. Has started 16 NFL games and his team won 9 of them. Has the arm strength to make the throws. Will help Powell and Greene to become a killer RB tandem.

    Rex Ryan is a fraud and a fool. Sanchez can't play and McElroy is too green. Based on football and football alone, the Jets screwed the pooch by failing to start Tebow.

    Tebow still #2? Foolishness. Man up and give him the rock.

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    The way lolchez is playing there's no reason to not give G-MAC or T-Dawg a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    The way lolchez is playing there's no reason to not give G-MAC or T-Dawg a shot.
    Agreed ..either guy would be an improvement ... Sanchez is totally shell shocked at this point.

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    Dont blame tebow because Rex and Sparano have no clue how to use him. Im sure if pats had him, Billicheck would find good use out of him.. Like with woodhead, Jet coaches werent smart enough to figure out how to use him.. So he gets cut from 1 of the worst Offenses because he wasnt good enough, only to go the best offense and breakout in both run and passing game... I cant blame rex, he has nothing to do with the O. Sparano is just a horrible OC, just like shotty was.

    Plus the Jets thought Mark was playing bad because tebow was coming in, and messing up little mark's rhythm well he looks 10 times worse in the games tebow didnt play (didnt think playing worse was possible) .

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    I honestly believe - with this current roster and offensive system -Tebow gives the team the best chance to win.
    This isn't an offense any NFL team shood choose to run but due to the total ineptness of Sanchez the Jets don't have a choice - but if they're going to run heavy and pass only when entirely necessary and run out the clock with 2 minutes in the half and two timeouts. Tebow is better suited to run that style of offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankeejet22 View Post
    There is no way Tebow is a Jet next season. Absolutely no way.

    A trade may be possible. Try first to get a pick for him. Or else give Tebow his release.

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    That's right, Tebow is a number 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenReaper View Post

    A trade may be possible. Try first to get a pick for him. Or else give Tebow his release.
    I think we actually have a shot at trading him to Arizona Cardinals for a late round pick in the off-season. Tebow is a better QB than Kolb/Lindley/Skelton. That's IF Woody somehow comes to his senses and decides to stop letting his PR/political ineptitude interfere with football operations.


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