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Thread: Braylon Edwards is officially a NY Jet ...again.(Merged 100X)

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    In 2010 Demaryius Thomas had similar statistics to Hill. He's developing into one of the top receivers in the league (of course it helps when you have Peyton Manning throwing you the ball.
    Hill is going to be a good player. How the eff did Tanny pass on Braylon last off-season?

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    I can be a big man and admit when I am dead wrong. Braylon Edwards looked good last night and I was really happy to see it. I wanted the Jets to re-up Edwards after 2010, but after we didn't and after he did nothing for 1 and three quarters seasons, I thought was a brittle, broken down toy. After his first drop, he really stepped up last night. Happy to have him back and hope he's given a one-year deal to compete with Hill for the No.2 WR spot. Loser is the No.4 WR and at No.5 you can either draft another project or re-sign Schilens/give Jordan White a shot.


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