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Thread: Braylon's first game here MNF his return game here MNF

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    Quote Originally Posted by adpz View Post
    I have honestly seen this in lots of athletes, espc. kids - where when things are easy for them they relax and play well. They do it without thinking. But when times get tough or they have to make adjustments - they just lose the ability to play without thinking about it first. It's like telling a bumblebee that he can't really stay aloft.

    I do think that's what happened to Sanchez. His things worked, until they didn't, and he just doesn't have THAT particular skill of figuring out a new way back.

    * btw - I don't even need a Superbowl this year - just a BE-fueled trip back to the playoffs and another knock-out of the Pats in Foxboro. The odds make Powerball look like flipping a coin, but - wow - I can hardly think of a more appropriate end to this bizarro season. I am already writing the 30 for 30 in my mind . . .
    Could you imagine that scenario!
    Jets go into Gillette, Brady hits thumb on helmet, Jets beat up Ryan Mallett.
    We can all dream, but that would be effing hilarious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexipus Rex View Post
    The saddest part of this video is that this play is better than any play I saw Sanchez make in the last two seasons.

    Sanchez was such a tease. He struggled as a rookie but showed flashes like that that showed he had potential in this league. Then he improves a good amount in year two. Ever since, he flat-lined in year three and regressed to (arguably) worse than rookie form in year four.
    So painful to remember the fun and excitement I had for the Jets only 3 years ago.


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