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Thread: NFL.Com Power Rankings

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    They were both horrible. One of the worst combined dual QB performances I've ever seen.

    Am I mistaken or did Sanchez actually get benched in that game? At least Sanchez has somewhat of a track record in this league. He hasn't improved (and actually regressed to a certain extent) like any of us wanted, but he's proven better than Ryan Lindley thus far. Hardly something worth calling your parents about, of course.
    All I'm saying is the way Sanchez is playing NOW....not looking at the past. Is about as bad as I've ever seen a QB play in the NFL.

    He has NOTHING going for him at this point. Hopefully he can rebuild a career for himself somewhere else, but he's done here. We need to move on.

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    Okay, so what. I'm sure you could find some lowlights of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning do.

    Why NOT cheer for Sanchez to play to his full potential? We know he is capable of playing very well and winning big games.

    You know what I think? I think you like the suffering. It's like an addiction. Something akin to Stockholm Syndrome. You've been taken hostage by the SOJF mindset, and you are just so used to it that you want to hold on to it even if it means rooting against your team.

    Look around man. There's no reason to hate. We're on a 2 game winning streak with a good shot of making it into the playoffs. Our defense is picking up, and if our QB who has been successful more often than he's been unsuccessful can get his **** together, we'll make another deep run.

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    + In another ranking , the Jets are 24th. There are 7 other teams with the same or worse record listed above the Jets. Do these ranking mean anything? Above them are teams like the Lions, Chargers, Saints, Browns, Rams and Bucs. aRe these teams better? The Bucs lost three in a row but are on the verge of 'breaking out'. Brees' 18 interceptions tied for the league's most with Andrew Luck. Are these rankings based on something or or do they just throw darts at a dartboard and go with their gut feelings?


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