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Thread: Anyone have a spare $32,000 I could Borrow.....for Scotch?

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    Buncha faigs on this board.

    I pickled my internal organs beginning in middle school, which has served me well in my ensuing years. I believe that prepping the body early enough made my liver like baseball glove leather. and thus good to go until I'm making George Burns look like some snot-nosed douche. We Norwegians are hardy stock, and thus all the chemicals I've blended with the devil's brew have only served to act as preservatives for my aging temple.

    High functioning is like 3 levels below me.

    Below me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonhomme Richard View Post
    I'm not a big fan of Johnnie Walker. Dare I say, Blue is terribly overrated. It's expensive scotch for people who don't drink scotch.
    See, you're learning already.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetworks View Post

    I'm a fan of Balvenie, would love to try this.

    Thanks for posting about it, Fish.
    Anytime brofist.

    If you can't swing the 50, maybe this would suffice? It's only $3,999 (if you can aquire one, of course).

    Also, learn'in:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Star Lady View Post
    Well, not too exciting . . .

    It involved too many whiskey sours on an empty stomach (sour mix is not good that way), some pot, going to a bar just off campus, not remembering too much at this point, leaving my friends and walking back to my dorm room, throwing up (again not remembering this part at all), and waking up in my roommates' bed on the lower bunk next to


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