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Thread: Appeals court overturns Illinois concealed carry law

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefst2000 View Post
    Its 3AM, you awake to the sound of a window shattering/door kicked in downstairs in your house. A responsible gun owner would dash over to the lockbox or safe, retrieve their weapon then grab a phone to call 911 while surveying the top of the staircase. I don't see what the problem is. You don't need a handgun strapped to your pajamas to protect your family or home from invasion.
    what if you live in a ranch? Or sleep on the first floor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestater View Post
    What's scarier is that there are people out there who think the other way.
    Well count me among the scary-folk then.

    I believe that individuals are responsible for their own security. However i also believe that the government plays a role in providing security from internal and external threats. I don't understand how you can separate a police officers responsibility to protect society, from his responsibility (or lack there of apparently) to protect individuals. Society is made up of individuals.


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