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Thread: Rob Parker of ESPN questions whether RG3 is really a "brother"

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    Bottom left..... Haha that might end up on jay Leno

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    I hate that political ideology and political-racial ideology has crept into ESPN. This is nothing new from Rob Parker. Steven Smith also put in his two cents and it was worded differently but the same thing. A lot of "down with the cause" stuff.

    The United States has a black President. Equality has been achieved. More over, it's "equality" with advantages through affirmative action. If there's still this racially unifying "cause" to move upwards and upwards it ceases to be about equality and becomes an Afro-centric form of Neo-Nazism which should have ZERO place in sports journalism, especially on a mainstream program.

    Jason Whitlock is the same exact way.

    Might not be politically-correct to criticize this but at this stage who gives a $#&@ about what's politically correct and not?

    Rob Parker should of gotten fired a long time ago.
    This isn't the first time he's injected race into sports discussion. It's become something of an MO for him. I can only imagine how much he would be crying if Aaron Rodgers or Clay Mathews or the Pats anglo-offense started bringing attention to the fact that they're white.
    LOL I'm surprised someone with a strong a name as "Zarathustra" would be so naive to claim "Equality has been achieved". Just like "God is dead" right?


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