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Thread: A request to help out a fellow Jet fan

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    Done...praying for a speedy recovery

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    Hey all. First off thanks so much to all of you who have helped out Tim. We have posted this message on every Jets board we can find and the response has been truly wonderful. I guess as Jet fans we all understand what suffering is and can band together when we need to!

    For those interested, here is Tim's latest update. You'll see that things are improving but there is still a ways to go for his family so if you haven't already contributed, please let me ask you to consider it. Thanks!

    Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate everything.

    Just wanted to give an update on how everything is going, after getting a little break at the hospital by my a daughters Grandma who came from Tennessee to help out, I am back in the hospital to care for my Daughter, and although her rehab has been slow, she has been making progress, she is talking better, and although she can't walk yet on her own, they have made a special walker and she can walk a little with that. The left side of her body has been getting movement with her left arm finally starting to move as well, do it is all starting to come.

    This morning was a rough morning because today was the initial day they had set for her release from the hospital, unfortunately her grandma let it slip to my Daughter, and she was expecting to get to go home today, we tried to tell her that she was not ready and would have to stay longer, well she held out hope that she still would get to go home, and this morning in the bathroom she started crying because she was not going home. Right now they are hoping by mid to end of February. I took vacation but it ends Friday, my Daughter can't be left alone in the hospital, the nurses can't give her complete attention and she still can't do anything by herself. So I was initially going to take two weeks off with the Family Medical Leave Act to stay longer but I do not get paid, but I got the idea to go see a doctor to try to get disability for stress over my Daughters brain surgery and dealing with all that has come from that, so I will need to go for a physical and get the forms filled out and submitted so I can go on disability while caring for my Daughter.

    There is a dinner/dance next week for my daughter. There will also be a tricky tray coming up if anyone is interested
    I can get you the information.

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    Hey all. Just thought you'd like to see how your generous contributions made an impact! Got this update from Tim last night....

    We got good news, my Daughter has made great strides in her progress and we will definitely be going home for good this Thursday, the best Valentines Day gift we can get!

    She still has a long way to go, will have to go to outpatient therapy for several months , if not the entire rest of the year, but we are both going home!!!

    My Daughter has been counting down the days, she will tell you right off she has been here for 2 months and 2 days today. Although it seems so much longer to me.

    Thanks again to everyone who is helping Tim through his ordeal!


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