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Thread: Jets Tweets & Info-Dec 15tj

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Rich Cimini ‏@RichCimini
    Injury report: Edwards questionable: Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards (hamstring) is questionable for Mon... #nyj

    Y'know, the thing I don't understand is why guys tweet the same thing over and over.
    In case people miss it the first time they tweeted it. Serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    In case people miss it the first time they tweeted it. Serious.
    that's so lol.

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    Woody Johnson ‏@woodyjohnson4
    Helmet decal that Jets will wear on Monday to honor victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy
    Retweeted by Brian Costello

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    Seems Titans LBs are all hurt.
    Get ready to see a ground & pound ugly Azz game on Monday.
    I'm all for it!
    Jets will run 45 times.
    Keep grinding out wins.

    Sparano has gotten the run game going which is not easy when your passing O
    Is as bad as ours. Laugh at Sparano all you want but I think the guys a good coach, gets respect from his players & is doing the same thing Parcells would be doing in this situation.
    Build a foundation (running, blocking) & make them do it over & over again until it becomes 2nd nature.
    Next year, ( he will be here as will all the coaches) they fix the passing game when they get a healthy team back.
    If they keep Bray, have Holmes back, Hill with an entire offseason, & have Kerley without the pressure of being the man every week, it's enough offense to keep a defense honest.
    That's why it's imperative that the Jets get a more explosive back for early downs. They need a Bryce Brown without the fumbling!


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