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Thread: Hillary Clinton fainting/concussion

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    Hillary "the chin" Gigante.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    And now she is faking a blood clot!

    What a phony!!!!
    Didn't Timmy want an excuse to miss some New Year's party or something? A feigned sickness? That's one he should have used right there - its topical and I'm sure if Hillary can do it it can't be that hard? Given that she's a criminal etc.

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    I am not a Hillary fan, BUT I do not wish serious physical ailments on any of our leaders. Even Obama.
    Abject humiliation - certainly. BTW, there hasn't been any mention of Bill throughout this episode. He have another young babe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frequent Flyer View Post
    Hillary "the chin" Gigante.

    this is a strange development, though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE_SOOTHSAYER View Post
    Just before she was scheduled to testify about Bengazi.

    How convenient.

    Now they're saying they may appoint Kerry and she will retire and not testify at all.

    Such a Clinton move.
    Good job, Sooth.

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    Testifying today. All day.

    Anything noteworthy?


    Apparently she offered, "What difference does it make . . ." in reference to how it started.
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    Barry Bonds lies about steroids, and he's facing a mandatory prison sentence. Hillary "the chin" Gigante lies about getting four people murdered (and covering it up), no problem.

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    Hanging with Obama for four years has a very bad effect on people.


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