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Thread: Wow. So many good young QBs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    We have 7 draft picks every year. There is no reason we cannot spend 1 of those on a qb in every draft until we find the right guy.
    To be fair rule of thumb is 1 QB every 2 years. The fact we have wasted that 1 QB EVERY 2 years is more concerning. We took a bust in Clemens then gambled on a drug addict Ainge. Then panicked and drafted Mark WAY WAY early. They then coddled him for 3 years not bringing in any real comp. A 50 year old vet and a 7th rounder that wouldn't make any other roster. Even beyond that we passed on BJ Coleman 4 times in the 6th and 7th rounds. Then signed the best UDFA QB in Kinne and cut him to make rook for Simms as a favor to his family. WTF was that.

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    The coaching plays a role for sure. Part of it is the Read-Option is revolutionizing pro offenses and our offense is stuck in the 1970s running "ground and pound" nonsense.

    With that said, Sanchez looks clearly worse than all of these guys (cept maybe Tannenhill, who's been up and down all year).

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    Mark it down, Kirk Cousins will be the next Tom Brady/Peyton Manning-esq in 10 yrs.

    rg111 will be an after thought


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