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    Quote Originally Posted by crayc View Post
    we keep taking out when he is getting into rhythm. how can any qb get into rhythm like that... jets ruined him

    Now the idiots can all get fired.

    SAR I

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsfanfromtheBURGH View Post
    This staff could **** up Brady.
    There is some truth to this. Sanchez was probably in a zone...then take him out, its got to mess with your head.

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    This is about the time the defense starts saying "No matter what we do this offense won't take advantage of it" and get gassed and...

    Do I need to spell it out for you?

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    lmao, I love Landry. A nasty SOB.

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    Way to go Sanchez...there should be at least 1 more of these tonight.

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    They keep talking it over, for what? The cameras? Fuken crapfest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmans A Scientist View Post
    Jets have scored a total of 6 points in the first half of their last 4 games.
    And they've won 3 of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucrenegade View Post
    no this is someone not willing to settle for sucking and will look and try anyone who is not performing like they should...............if tebow plays like crap for a season i would be saying the same about him.

    this is also someone without suckchez's balls in his mouth...........just sayin....... there is your suckchez

    yes lets see more of that 4 seasons is not enough
    Moron! There is no better option!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Let tebow streetball it for the rest of the game. Its our only hope.
    Naw, if we let Tebow play another series it might throw the entire jet's offense "out of rhythm" for the next decade. You know.. if you don't have the same QB play 100% of the snaps, you can't hold them responsible for anything.

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    Once again, they can't take advantage of it.

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    Nice defense, but god, is a sack too much to ask for?

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    theres coples, now I see him

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    Once again defense holds up.

    Hopefully they won't be on the field the whole game and get gassed so everyone can say they suck though.

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    they cant even do grass right in friggin Nashville

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMJets View Post
    There is some truth to this. Sanchez was probably in a zone...then take him out, its got to mess with your head.
    Twilight zone

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    Jets need to lock up Landry till he retires. He needs to retire a Jet

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    Kerley leads the league in fair catches.


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    the defense gave up 7 points this half.

    tell me again what the offense did?

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    Here comes Greene's turn to run one 94 yards himself.

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    How come every game we play looks like this?


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