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Thread: And just when you think Sanchez sucks...

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    And just when you think Sanchez sucks...

    He sucks slightly less.

    But only momentarily.

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    Watching this team isn't even enjoyable. The announcers are abusing these team, the Jets offense in particular.

    Edit LOL at Sanchez throwing into double coverage.
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    I am literally laughing at this team while I watch them. I have been following this team for about 11 years now and I am the first to admit that i do not have the football IQ that many on here have. I knew this season was a disaster when i heard they drafted Tebow.

    I was also a proponent of waiting and still seeing what we have in sanchez. After this season, i just really can't see how you can defend him or the direction of this team. Just saw the end of this game and it is basically a statement on this team, embarassing.


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