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Thread: This isn't all on Sanchez ... believe it or not

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadainianIMnotDONE View Post
    Sanchez has been poorly developed by coaching and upper management. I wouldn't be shocked if Sanchez actually left here and had success in a system that caters to his strength like roll outs, a lot of deep 20 yard post off PA's with more than just 1 receiver attacking deep and actual players around him that fit him. You get him a big reliable target, a solid slot guy like when he had Cotch. I mean imagine if the Vikings took a shot at Mark.

    I wouldn't be shocked if he led them to a playoff win or 2 with AP and etc. He needs to be a different system .... this system is so terrible and set up for god knows who. I mean tight window throws, a lot of vertical hitch's, deep outs, deep post with only 1 receiver .... this is a Bledsoe/Rivers type of offense. Sanchez needs to be in a more shifty system with constant misdirections and bootlegs and some shots downfield with multiple deep options so he doesn't have to turn his head too much and look left to right. We cater to ANY of his strengths. He throws on the run better than 85% of the league and yet Sparano keeps him in the pocket 95% of the time and when he does roll out its for a 5 yard out. I wouldn't be shocked if he did what Chad did which is leave here and be some other teams better fortune even if its for short term.


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