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Thread: This is the Final Straw

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    Or you make a coaching decision that puts the interest of the franchise 1st.
    Every decision that was made this year was made in the best interest of Rex and Tannenbaum. Thankfully, they hung themselves and both will be relieved of their duties in 12 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ytfootballfan View Post
    Because for one, I saw McElroy play pocket passer and he's shown me nothing impressive. If you want to go with a pure pocket passer you're going to need to better than that.

    For another I have seen Tebow effective when used correctly.

    As for as John Elway, he doesn't believe in the spread option. Neither does John Fox. He made the right move for what he wants for his franchise with Peyton Manning. And McCoy has about the same amount of experience with it as does Sporano, but at least McCoy implemented some new age college style plays. Even though he didn't know much about it, he learned and gave it a shot. Sporano didn't even do that much. They needed a better offensive coordinator in Denver too, and with Peyton that's exactly what they got.

    But Peyton is the last of a dying breed of pure pocket passers, and he is one of the ELITE of the class. Right now at least 5 NFL teams are using dual threat pass/rush QB's with heavy spread option plays and have plenty of success with it.

    At least for the foreseeable future, this is the direction the NFL will go in.

    Oh and Tebow doesn't need a special offense. He needs the spread option, the same freaking offense these other guys are doing. It's a matter of scheming and play designs. Sure you want to draft for those positions, but you can at least start with the proper scheming. Did you see how much of a gimmick it was against the Patriots on Sunday night?
    So you saw McElroy play for 2 halfs, with no preparation at all and to you he "wasn't impressive". Meanwhile Denver "dumbs down" their entire offense for Tebow and even though they squeak out some lucky wins, Elway (who buy the way knows a little about the quarterback position) can't wait to get rid of him???

    GMac has improved his arm strength, is pretty mobile, has a high football I.Q. and has already demonstrated more leadership in as a back up (calling out the disfunction in the locker room last year) than Sanchez has as a Starter for 4 years.

    I don't know what he is or isn't but I damn sure would rather see what he can do then watch Tebow mania for the last few games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fltflo View Post
    The Broom is being ready the only question is just who will be swept out the door at seasons end.
    Woody should sell a PSL for the broom. He'd make a fortune.


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