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Thread: Now that we're officially eliminated....

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    Now that we're officially eliminated....

    You HAVE to start McElroy to see what you've got in him.
    Sanchez and Tebow are both garbage, if Rex is too blind to see it then he should be fired and replaced with a head coach who actually understands offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsCrazey View Post
    You HAVE to start McElroy

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    no I would not start him I think he would be worse in this offense the entire thing is garbage the entire team /staff and front office needs to get slapped for this yr. The entire team regressed. I would ride with Sanchez on purpose. then lets see what we have from the draft next yr. if we loose out big deal but the qb of this team is not on the roster now

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    McElroy isn't the answer at QB either. But I do agree we should start him the last 2 games. Sanchez is so bad, he can't be out there anymore.

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    I wouldn't be one bit suprised to Senches next week Fantasy players should have the SD defense.


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