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Thread: When was the last time we had decent PLAYCALLING???

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    No, the play calling has NOT been fine this season. You have to have a feel for each game, you have to know WHAT play to call and WHEN to call it.

    You said Sparano's run schemes kept us in the game. I agree. But then he got away from it PRECISELY when he needed to stay with it. THAT'S what I'm talking about. If the running game is working, you stick with it, especially since you have the time to do so and ESPECIALLY if you have a mistake-prone QB.

    This has been a long time problem for this team. I can't count how many times I've seen the Jets go to shotgun empty backfield on 3 and short. Stupid to do that unless you have a Brady/Manning/Brees/Rodgers type of QB.
    Completely disagree. When the game is on the line and you have to put 7 points on the board to keep your season alive you throw the ball in that situation. Sanchez keeps his cool and throws checkdown we get a 1st down+

    Conservative Paul Wackit Brian Schittenheimer BS only works when you have top notch personnel which they had in both their tenures. Sparano has 0 playmakers and a mediocre OL to work with and an ok running game that the opposing D would have just put 8 in the box to contain.

    Watch that last INT Sanchez threw. He had a guy WIDE OPEN running a drag and instead he threw it in the endzone to someone who was double-covered.

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    When the plays that are called are carried out by the worst QB in the league, you cannot judge.


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