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Thread: On the bright side...

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    On the bright side...

    It was good to see Bray back. Even injured, he looked pretty good.

    Normally I know you're supposed to keep the positive outlook stuff on hold for at least a few days after a bad loss, but I don't really see the need for that now. Even if many of us were hoping for a playoff berth, 98% still knew we'd be one-and-done.

    A few hours after the loss, and I'm over it already. Looking forward to next season, I actually like what I see.

    Hell, at least this loss saved me from freezing my @ss off up in Buffalo. Not to mention at least $7-800 in ticket/travel expenses. I was beginning to plan a trip up there to possibly see a win-and-in game.

    But yeah, it was good to see Bray back out there. I wonder if they should consider letting his hamstring rest now while locking him up for next year. His post-game presser was pretty good too. Mentioning that is was "good to back in the right colors", or something like that. Guy plays with heart and you can tell he really wants to be a Jet.

    This year just wasn't meant to be. Yet there is a lot to look forward to. Few good young players taking shape (Wilk, Coples, Powell, Davis...) and the D is still one of the better in the game. Especially considering they're on the field so much.

    Musts for next year:
    1. Sign Bray
    2. Dump Tebow
    3. Draft another receiver
    4. Re-sign at least one of the current safties

    1. Demote Tanny
    2. Dump Sparano
    3. Somehow get Westhoff to come back. No way specials teams could be this bad again... right? Guy should be pissed and want one more shot after this horrible year.
    4. QB??? $8+ mil is a lot to waste. At bare minimum, at least bring in a promising young arm or experienced vet that can truly be an option. aka, not Tebow.

    After this game, I'm sure many don't want to hear it, but with Holmes, Bray, Kerley, Hill, Keller and another promising young rookie... The Cali kid may actually do well. But no damn way should they enter next season without a true viable QB to force Mark to earn it.
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    On the bright side...we found our punter, baby!

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    ...higher draft pick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    On the bright side...we found our punter, baby!
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJETS View Post
    ...higher draft pick?
    Ha, yeah those too.

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    I thought Edwards looked good too. Glad he's back. I don't know what to say about Sanchez. I just have nothing left right now to bother. The way the Jets lost is what bothers me most. Friggin Sanchez.


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