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Thread: Mark Sanchez is a broken toy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRaider87 View Post
    epitome of looserdom...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    No more excuses for the sap. Sanchez should never have been signed. He never had enough experience and the NFL caught onto this fact. Now, defenses salivate at the prospect of Sanchez on the field. Goodbye.
    When fantasy footballers are always scrambling to get the defense playing the Jets that week, you know your QB sucks balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Met57 View Post
    It blows, he had potential...the FO gets at least part of the blame and you are right...they might **** up the next guy too.
    You can read his body language on the field and in interviews. He is destroyed! I believe he has the phyical tools to be a good nfl QB, but right now mentally he has nothing.

    I can't stand watching him in interview, it is sad and depressing. After being repeatedly dragged through the mud, he is hurting. His play on the field is that much harder to watch.

    He needs out of NY. IMO the JETS and SANCHEZ have common ground. Fresh starts for both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gqxluvx View Post
    This is very easy to say now and its easy to forget some of his better games. To sit there and say he was never good is misguided. He has shown flashes throughout his career, so your assertion that he was never good IMO is wrong. I do know he will never be a good QB here and must go, and I believe Rex needs to place just as much emphasis or importance on offense and the QB or the next QB will do no better.
    Sorry but four years is long enough for the experiment to run its course. Every QB shows flashes here and there. Chad Henne showed flashes for cripes sake. To be honest his good games were never really that great. We are not talking about 300-400 yard days with 4-5 TDs here. Other QBs "best days" were always way better then Mark Sanchez' best days.

    I am sorry but Mark Sanchez is dogsh1t that has been dressed up and sold to us as something else. To think otherwise is to be like a Bernie Madoff victim desperately looking for some other explanation as to why they have lost all of their money and Madoff is going to jail. It could not possibly be that Madoff is a crook from the beginning and the investor was pretty damned stupid for not doing proper due diligence.

    If you need someone to blame, blame Mike Tannenbaum who orchestrated this cluster f&ck from the beginning and who in all likelihood has been telling Rex that #6 has to play because if he does not then both of them are likely to lose their jobs as a direct result.

    PFT has it right. Mark Sanchez has been one of the most inaccurate QBs in the entire NFL for the entire four years of his career and if you extract out plays where the receiver drops a catchable ball then he is THE MOST INACCURATE QB in the ENTIRE NFL during this time.


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