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Thread: When was the last time the Jets had QB play that was this bad?

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    Mirer was the worst followed by Nagle…. but 2012 Sanchez has put himself in a whole new class of horribleness, which I have to soley blame on Rex for even playing the guy the last 8 weeks… but in the braintrust that we have, its Sanchez as the all time worst QB of all time….
    the Guys got 17 Ints and 12 fumbles so far

    29 turnovers in 16 games… he could be the worst QB all time no matter what team

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    Brooks Bolinger > Mark Sanchez

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    Just look around the league to see why the Jets are laughing stocks.

    Harbaugh is playing a rookie over a vet, whose numbers make Sanchez look like Ryan Leaf & Jamarcus Russell combined.

    In Seattle, Wilson is tearing it up, while the guy they gave millions to is a backup that didn't even make it out of camp.

    Granted, the Jets had no one else, but that is Tannys fault. He had the opportunity to look in the draft for a legit backup, but chose to trade picks for Tebow.

    It's sticking with Sanchez after the Arizona debocle that should be Rex undoing.

    * I've always said that Sanchez throwing 5 picks in 2009 as a rookie, when the Jets ran for over 300 yards should have been the red flag regarding him.
    Think about games you've witnessed when the Jets defense could not stop the run. Pretty much ANY QB is UNSTOPPABLE when you can't stop the run.
    So, with the Bills unable to stop the run & obviously sneaking safeties ect, closer to the line of scrimmage, even on play action Mark was able to find Bills defenders 5 times!

    That game was viewfinder into Sanchez career & the turnover machine he has always been & will always be. He was a college QB that never made the true jump in the NFL when the handcuffs were taken off.

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    Rick Mirer.

    If you're looking for a full-time answer: O'Donnell.
    Don't forget the Bollinger/Testaverde fail combo, which I believe we saw in 2005.


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