This is a rant... so I apologize and I just want to vent... thanks!!!

So after settling down, and having a kid and a family I have decided to try my best and not get so aggerated with the Jets and loses, just the game in general, trying to focus on the more important stuff. Even more so after the events at CT....

But yesterday was the first time in years I have so pissed I can't deal anymore. This organization is crazy!

I refuse to cheer for this team until Mark Sanchez is no longer the starting QB. However I say that and this team will go out and get Mike Vick and have millions upon millions of dollars tied up in a bunch of quaterbacks that can't play just to make headlines. And I can't deal with it anymore! I don't care if Tebow plays I don't care if McElroy plays I dont care if we draft another bust at Qb in the draft. (obviously I want them to successed.) But I just want progress!!! Even if its taking a step back or so (a red sox type rebuild) ...

Rex Ryan somehow has won 6 gaves with this team, I dunno how but he has. This offense is a joke and has been for years, but now we don't have the talent to mask it. So do we keep him? I dunno who knows!!!!

Here is what I want,

Step 1.) I want Tanny out as a GM, and for those who think he is a cap genius.... Perhaps keep him on as a bean counter but nothing to do with talent and getting players.

Step 2.) Cut Sanchez, Cut Holmes. I know there will be a crazy cap hit for both these, but you need to prove to your fan base that you know this was a mistake and your moving on. Kind of like the Red Sox.

Step 3.) Get a Qb not named Mike Vick, you know Woody is going to want to make headlines and this can not be one of them!!

-3a Let either Tebow or McElroy play
-3b Draft a mid round Qb and play his right away a Ryan Nassib or someone like that.
-3cAlex Smith (Id rather them go with one of the above)

Step 4.) With the lack of bandaids on the team this offseason, and cutting Sanchez and Holmes and going with a either either plan 3a or 3b above the jets should have a decent draft pick and perhaps get another playmaker to build around or perhaps a franchise quaterback.

To sum it up... haha.

Basically I just want to see them admitting there mistakes, and move on. I will take another ****ty season or 2, just enough to show we are moving in the right direction! Even if we have to take a few steps back.