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Thread: Are billygreene and RayRay busy planning our playoff party?

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    Are billygreene and RayRay busy planning our playoff party?

    What gives?

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    Maybe someone should have taken Ray's bet the Jets wouldn't go 6-10.

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    Hey the Jets went from 3-6 to 6-8 over the last 5 weeks. They're 3-2 in their last 5 games, not terrible but not good enough. Last nights performance was horrible, and knowing how Woody handled the Eric Mangini situation after the Jets wound up missing the playoffs back then we can only assume he is boiling right now. Heads are going to roll in this organization from all directions. Management, coaching, and players are all going be getting pink slips over the next 3 weeks, if they don't then the owner deserves all the criticism he'll receive from the fan base and the sports community.

    This team can't answer the call at crunchtime. They did it against the Patriots on monday night and they just did it AGAIN... You don't do that to Woody Johnson, he's just the kind of guy to walk in and fire everybody involved. He did it to Mangini and he might do the same thing now.

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    Everyone should be fired. Woody will be doing the right thing.

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    It's actually embarrassing that this forum was talking playoffs non-stop in the past 2 weeks based on those atrocious games against the Cards and Jax. This team and playoffs do not ever belong in the same sentence again

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    Please dont call out other posters, thanks.



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