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Thread: 2012 New York Jets Postmortem

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    If we don't re-sign Landry I will have a conniption.

    I say we trade Revis and Mangold.

    All we need is an average QB. Purchase a mid-level pass rusher and WR.

    We will be in playoffs in 2013 if we get average QB play.
    lol gtfo. Trade Mangold for what reason??? To open up a huge hole and screw ourselves? great plan. The oline is fine.

    Fix the QB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    By now, Drew Stanton would have been cemented in as our starter for Wildcard Weekend. I can't imagine how hard Stanton is laughing watching this mess from afar.
    I was just saying the same thing to a friend..


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