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Thread: "It's Time for a Jets Intervention" - Bill Barnwell on the Jets

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    "It's Time for a Jets Intervention" - Bill Barnwell on the Jets

    The problems that surround the Jets go back to the last time they faced a moment of crisis. After a 4-12 2007 season, the then-braintrust of Tannenbaum and head coach Eric Mangini decided that the Jets needed to go all-in (it was a poker term that was popular in 2007) to try to save the braintrust's respective jobs. Only two years after seemingly beginning a rebuilding project, the Jets spent freely in the offseason, adding Damien Woody, Kris Jenkins, Calvin Pace, and Alan Faneca in free agency, and then following up by trading for Brett Favre. The moves sorta worked — Faneca and Jenkins made the Pro Bowl — but Favre struggled to stay healthy while the deposed Chad Pennington signed with Miami and won the division. The Jets lost in Week 17, missed the playoffs at 9-7, and Mangini paid for it with his job.

    Tannenbaum remained on board, though, and after hiring Rex Ryan, he somehow found more chips in his pockets to push to the center of the table. The following year saw Ryan favorites Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard arrive in town, with Braylon Edwards joining the team via trade during the season. The Jets had established themselves as a landing point for veteran free agents and trade candidates, and Tannenbaum performed cap magic to fit everyone in...The downside in Tannenbaum making those moves, though, was that the cap eventually had to come due...

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    That's as good of an article as I have ever read from Barnwell, though he still had to pollute it with dumb comments about Jets riding missed FGs to the AFC CG (overlooking that they clearly outplayed the Bengals - for the 2nd week in a row - and dominated the Chargers in the 2nd half).


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