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Thread: Looks like things will get worse before they get better

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    Looks like things will get worse before they get better

    Best summary yet ...

    The team is on the hook for $8.25 million next year -- all guaranteed, with no offset language -- so it's not as easy as coach Rex Ryan finally throwing up his hands and admitting "Yeah, Mark's not good, we have to move on." New York can move on -- and maybe they should -- but it comes at a huge cost. Namely: limited salary-cap dollars on an team already likely to be some $20 million over the cap heading into the offseason, with myriad needs up and down the roster.

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    just not accurate as far as jets overall salary cap for next season.

    The jets will be fine with the cap. They will have to make some cuts but no one worth keeping anyway.

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    you're a little late to the party on this.

    Sanchez can't be cut next year, and it's unlikely the Jets will be find a trading partner who'd be willing to take on some of his salary.

    As far as the Jets cap # in 2013, the 'good news' is the $20 million isn't exactly accurate. They can (and should) cut Pace, Scott, Jason Smith, and Eric Smith, which will essentially get us under the cap.

    What's the bad news? We need to replace or resign Pace, Scott, Bryan Thomas, Landry, Bell, Slauson, Moore, Greene and Keller with limited resources.

    Maybe Bell and Moore come back on the cheap for 1 year deals? There wont be much of a market for Greene, but do the Jets want him back? Keller probably will be looking for $$ but I dont think he'll get it. Landry is already on the record for wanting a big day day - and will get one somewhere.

    Even if you slot in Davis to replace Scott, and Allen/Bush to replace Landry, you're left with needing 2 OLBs, a G, a TE, and probably a RB... a lot of holes to fill -and we haven't even begun to talk QB.

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    I think the bigger problem will be if Woody Johnson hangs on to EITHER Bean Counter or the Mouth. That will just delay making this a professional organization.


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