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Thread: If Rex is Fired....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankeejet22 View Post
    How about we hire an Offensive coach? All we've had since Parcells in '97 are Defensive coaches, and the the guy before that was just, well, offensive.

    "Scoring points" seem to be a bad couple of words there in Florham Park, and it's time for a change.

    I really don't want a College guy coming in. I'd like to see an experienced NFL coordinator, preferably one that's been on a high-scoring, pass happy, team.

    Ok, I'll let you guys in on a guy that I think the Jets should look into: How about Kevin Gilbride?

    He is a x's & o's guy that is super aggressive in the passing game. He's been around, and even has experience as the HC of the Chargers. I have heard that he'd still like the opportunity to be a HC.

    What do you guys think?
    He will not be fired, so don't bother. The owner is the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    What about the Revis situation? Should they trade Revis, retain Leron Landry, and get some heavy hitters for the offense with the Revis money?
    In my opinion, based on the way the secondary has been playing, you can do without Revis or Cromartie. There is no way you can have $20 million plus tied into the CB position. I would love to keep both but it would be smart to get rid of one. I also view the situation as this...Revis probably is at his all-time lowest value coming off of an ACL tear while Cromartie is likely at his highest because he is playing lights out. My ideal scenario would be to trade one of them for a real pass rusher, something like Cromartie to the Chiefs for Tamba Hali, or to the Giants for Osi

    Landry is my #1 re-signing priority, I think he has played awesome and brings an element to this defense that we'd really miss if we let him walk.

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    I'm ok with letting Rex go if would could hire Mike Pettine as the DC and get a offensive minded coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Rex will be the HC next season.

    We need to do the following and starting over with either a new first timer or a retread isnt part of it.

    1. Cut Teblow as soon as humanly possible

    2 Make GMac the starter in 2013. If Pickchez is unhappy, offer him a buyout to leave early or take the cap hit and bring in a vet willing to be a backup happily and get NFL money. Worsr case scenario..Pickchez is the backup and gone in 2014.

    3. Draft a mid round developmental QB to be the 3 and become the backup in 14

    4. Start Davis Coples Ellis and all the kids this week and next. Send Scott Pace Thomas Pouha Smith packing after the season

    5. DON'T trade away any picks and DON'Ttrade up in the April draft. Take BAP with every pick

    6. DON'T let the NYJ 2012 MVP Robert Malone get away. He's a keeper

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    I agree with everthing other then letting GMAC start. I think we should hire a reputable OC and go from there. Plus we need some experience consulting at head of operations or advisor to right this ships course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    What about the Revis situation? Should they trade Revis, retain Leron Landry, and get some heavy hitters for the offense with the Revis money?
    Revis and his agents want franchise QB money...somewhere around $15-18 mil. Cromartie is signed through 2014 at $9mil. The secondary has held up well without Revis. Jets have to make big changes. New GM and searching for a franchise QB is among them. And who knows what the new GM wants to do. Landry...Bell...Keller...Greene...are FA's. LB's...Scott-Pace-Thomas may be cut.

    And because of ridiculous contracts given by Tanny to Sanchez and Holmes...there's not enough CAP room to be aggressive for resignings and FA acquisitions.

    IMO...Revis won't be resigned. Jets may let him play out his contract in 2013. Then get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him. Or trade him in 2013 for higher picks.

    And yes...Jets need playmakers on offense. RB...WR...TE...Jets need more talent at these positions.


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