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i just get the feeling everyone (or most), including tanny, rex, sporano, sanchez are all staying, with the excuse of injuries. 2 best players, revis and santonio out. keller out most of the year. hill out a lot. sanchez with a new OC. etc. etc.

i think they are going to give it 1 more go, with a slight retooling. maybe with a new QB. Rex is so damn stubborn, that he thinks he can make it work.
The problem is there cannt be a slight re- tooling, we need a starting qb,2 starting guards,starting TE, depth on d-line,outside lbs,2 starting safeties. All this with a middle of the pack draft number and very little cap room

We will lose
Greene- has gotten much better as yr has progressed,is running very hard
B. Moore- Who may not be an all-pro but a good player who does not get hurt
Pouha - Amazing how good run defense is now he is healthy
Devito- solid player against run
Scott-a positive to be gone
Landry- having an all-pro season,sets tone for defense
Bell- avg

You can say that Ellis will step in an replace Pouha,however our run defense was giving up 160 yds a game with Ellis in there. Plus we are weaker in depth
Keller- has not done much this yr but Cumberland has not made anyone forget him either

WE need a starting qb,Mc will be exposed the next two games.

The worst part is I believe this team totally will not show up for the final two games The crowd is going to be ugly,the defense is facing a guy who can actual pass for the first time in a month,and the plain fact this team is playing a game with no impact for the first time in four yrs.