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Thread: Fantasy Land: Tim Tebow = Mo Lewis?

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    Fantasy Land: Tim Tebow = Mo Lewis?

    Since the offseason essentially started late Monday night it's time to engage in ridiculous speculation and fantastical thoughts on what might happen.

    So I got to thinking, is it possible that Tebow being here was a blessing in disguise?

    Let's just say (and again, this is were the fantastical thinking comes into play)....let's just say....McElroy does well enough over the next two games that he is given a legitimate shot at the starting job next year, he wins the job and then turns out to be our own late round miracle franchise QB.

    If Tebow wasn't here....would McElroy even be getting this shot?

    If the Tebow trade didn't happen, my guess is that the coaching staff would have turned to Stanton. Now granted, maybe Stanton could turn out to be a franchise caliber QB. But if Stanton was here instead of Tebow, McElroy doesn't get this shot.

    So yes - I'm living in a fantasy land - but for a few short moments I'd like to dream that Tebow's absolute inability to play QB at an NFL level could be the equivalent of Mo Lewis putting a lick on Drew Bledsoe giving birth to what became Tom Brady's career.

    Now....back to reality.....

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    I like it!

    Always good to be optimistic in the off-season

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    Quite shipshape and benignant.

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    whatever helps you sleep at night.

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    McElroy is not an NFL player. He lacks the physical tools needed to play. He is not and should not get a shot to start next year.
    People are just excited to have a new QB. But McElroy is worse than Sanchez and given time will prove that

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