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Thread: ***Per Mehta Jets to try and trade Sanchez after season per source***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanchez 3:16 View Post
    As opposed to abusing, torturing and killing animals for food.

    Those dogs probably died a more peaceful death than the chickens and the cows you eat.
    No. Cows are not systematically tortured, hanged, electrocuted, drowned etc by some sociopaths who like watching domesticated animals suffer. Slaughterhouses are frequently inspected by the fda. Just stop already. You are obviously making up a straw man argument to fit your opinion but there is absolutely no truth to it.

    And again, the biggest difference is that food is for survival, not gambling and the joy of watching domesticated animals suffer a slow painful death. How you don't see anything wrong with that -- then compare it to slaughter for food -- says a lot about you, to be honest.

    Enough already with this bs.

    Lets not forget how terrible he is as a player now though. Sanchez is a better player right now.

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    What a pile a crap this thread turned into.

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    There is a huge difference..

    Dogs are domesticated animals..

    Cows and chickens are not!!

    They are livestock ...

    Dogs only want to love you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMikeIsHot View Post
    And again, the biggest difference is that food is for survival.
    Food, yes. Meat, not necessarily.

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