I get this every season from some engineers I know. This year - they went too far.

I think it’s time for us to reflect upon the New York Jets this season, wouldn’t you folks agree? I thought I would share my fondest memories of their 2012 campaign:

- Do you folks remember in August when there was a fight that broke out in their practice? Joe McKnight (the back-up running back) got in a fight with their rookie free safety (D’Anton Lynn). What makes this so amusing to myself is that D’Anton Lynn is the son of the New York Jets running back coach. Now I’m no expert, but do you think this was a sign of problems in the organization?

- Then there was week 4. You remember this week, don’t you Butch? This was the week that the Jets failed to put up a single point against the 49ers. Kerry was too scared to make Butch a bet (at least Ryan supported his old team).

- There’s bad, then there’s really bad, and then there’s losing to the Dolphins. In week 8…they lost 30 to 9 to the Miami Dolphins. Let’s take a moment to remember to New York Jets…

- Does anyone remember US Thanksgiving Day (week 12)? Quicker than you can say “Larry, Curly, and Moe”…the Jets gave up 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds! You know how pictures can illustrate things better than words?…please have a look below.

....Yup, the headlines after the game read…”Bandon Moore’s ass is fined $25,000 for ass-to-helmet hit against Mark Sanchez”. All because Mark Sanchez thought his backside was…you know, daylight.

- The Jet’s most beloved fan has even given up on them. Fireman Ed decided to B-O-L-T!

- And how about Week 15? The Jet’s lose to the Titans in a riveting 14-10 game. Sanchez had 4 interceptions and 3 sacks that game! After a performance like that, how can ESPN ever get ratings back for Monday Night Football? They’ll have to run new commercials to draw fans back……”ding dong, whoooo isss it?, football…Monday night football, and we aren’t showing the Jets”.

How about a couple of comments?:

- In the 4th qrtr against the Titans, even Sanchez was chanting for Tebow to enter the game.

- Did you guys know that Braylon Edwards is being sued for child support AGAIN, after fathering a second secret son with another woman? At least somebody on that team can score!

- What do the New York Jets and possums have in common? They play dead at home and get killed on the road.

- Three Jets’ linemen enter a bar to pick-up ladies. The first one got kicked out for unnecessary roughness, the second was kicked out for illegal use of hands, and the third one stayed all night because he kept letting all the ladies go by.

- Do you guys know why Tony Sparano was upset when the New York Jets playbook was stolen? Because he hadn’t finished colouring in it yet.

The Jets are out of a playoff spot and they aren’t giving Tebow a chance? Sanchez had 13TD’s, 17INT’s, and 33 SACKS in 15 weeks. Tebow is 6 for 8 on the year and doesn’t have any INT’s. Seems like this organization is messed up.

I think we should all reflect on the year, and be thankful we don’t cheer for the New York Jets!

Merry Xmas. J

Sucks that's pretty much bang on.