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Thread: Imagine if this analysis turns out to be true?

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    At least we're giving him a chance to play, and see what he can do.

    I was really hoping one of our opponents was gonna sign Mo Lewis to rush Sanchez the last couple of weeks. Fact is, without that hit, who knows where Brady and the Pats would be today.

    I would have made the change permanent after McElroy came in and won the game, but the reality is this team was going nowhere this year anyway. Now he gets his chance. Like Tebow, he's been a good soldier this year and kept his mouth shut. Clearly he's worked hard in practice to get the chance.

    There is some value for the Jets as being an organization that will be patient with their QB and give him the chance to succeed. It clearly hasn't happened with Chorizo for brains, but agents, players and their families have been watching. While many of the media are projecting the Jets as fools, if Rex is going to get the chance to stay around or be a HC again, there will be trust to whomever he turns to an says "you're my QB" That matters.

    I'd be thrilled if he can have 75% of the success Brady has had after Lewis destroyed Bledsoe. Happy to root for the kid. All he's done is win.

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    GO JETS!!

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    I'm not expecting to come away from this two game audition, feeling that the Jets won the Lottery, like the Pats did with Tom Brady. If gmac can show enough that makes you feel he can be a very solid #2 backup QB. Well that's a big plus right there. And he would certainly be in the mix to compete with one or two other QB's, to be the Jets interim starting QB. Until the Jets draft a prospect with a lot of upside, to be that QB for the long haul.

    Would I like gmac to be more then a solid backup? Of course...absolutely. Just don't think he has enough tools to be that good. I'm rooting for him though...for sure.

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    and he has a cleft in his chin like brady and namath!

    really though, he comes from a big time programs and did well against some really good college teams. 10-15 yd out? he can throw the ball far enough. not much on if he can get rid of quick enough for those short hot reads.

    besides, he's from alabama and they produce some pretty fine qb's.

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    I'm encouraged by some of the specific analysis when GMC threw in Patrick Peterson's direction. I think GMC will be a fine backup. The question is: has his arm strength improved enough to start in the NFL? Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't, let's find out


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