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Thread: Will Rex whisper sweet nothings in Norvs ear?

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    Will Rex whisper sweet nothings in Norvs ear?

    Just having some fun in all this mess.

    I know its premature at this point but Id love to see an extra second or two between the head coaches at the end of the game.

    Norv as OC would be a great beginning to re-evaluate and re-staff the offense.
    They might actually believe he will be able to rebuild Sanchez (please no)!!!

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    If I were Norv, I would ask myself if there's enough to build on and second, will offensive draft picks be given equal weight?

    For an experienced O coordinator, they're going to want to see something to build on.

    Also, the majority of first day draft picks under Rex have gone to defense. Is that going to change? I'm sure Norv would want some say on this.

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    And what Rex will be saying, will be nothing

    Norv may be a great OC but he is no magician. If he was, he would have San Diego in the playoffs. The Jets have no star players in our offensive team. Sorry, Santonio and Braylon are past their prime and Hill is still learning to catch, and our RBs are average. Also Wrecks want to use our top draft picks for defensive players. Other teams have better offensive players and that is where Norv is going. Where would Norv get talent from, the Arena league?
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