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Thread: Some One Tell Me About XMas Helicopters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    They break in 15 minutes
    Figures with my luck and breakable stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonhomme Richard View Post
    I got one for Christmas one year, from the mall kiosk. My dog hated it. I'd fly it really low to try to buzz her eyes and she snatch it out of the air with one quick chomp.
    That's what I am looking for!

    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post

    Sent from a phone using an app
    Spoken like a true plumber

    Sent from my garage using telepathy.

    Quote Originally Posted by crossfire View Post
    My kid has this one.

    I think it was like $30. Had it for about two months and it works great. Charge lasts about 7 minutes.
    That's the ticket, where he get it?

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    the instructions for those things say you have to carefully adjust the trim.

    yeah, duh.


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