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Thread: Most overused word: Epic

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    These breasts are EPIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    These breasts are EPIC

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    I am a sinner. I do not seek absolution, but I have sinned.

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    AMAZING!!! My amazing family, my amazing kids, my amazing boyfriend, my amazing girlfriend, Etc, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    Here's one which bothers me: "really". Folks just throw that one out there anytime something is either questioned or dumb.

    My 5 year old daughter was drawing at the kitchen table (making a "treasure map"). One of the markers rolled off the table and landed on the floor and she looked down at it and said "REALLY?!"

    I lol'ed...

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    Guru :douchechills:

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    On the other hand I don't think slut gets used enough. Plus it's a very stand out take notice thing to call a Guy you're pissed off at. Upon entering the battery tunnel some douche did the usual slam on his brakes to cut off everyone and go over cones into the not so much faster lane. I rolled down window and called him a stupid slut! A minute of silence then hilarious laughter from both our cars. Try it


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