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Thread: Vinny Cerrato on ESPN Radio yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Yeah because everything is fine. 8-8 last year, ****ty QB, ****ty offense overall.

    It's all good baby. Cerrato is right on to anybody who has a clue about the salary cap and how poor talent evaluation has been across the entire body of drafts over the past 3 years.
    A poor talent evaluator is good at evaluating other teams and how they evaluate talent?
    Ok, I got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMarsico9 View Post
    Vinny Cerrato is a former GM/VP of the Redskins. While he may not have been that successful, he was blunt and completely to the point.
    I'll be equally blunt and to the point. Vinny "The Meek" Cerrato was the worst NFL GM of the modern NFL Era. He did literally nothign right in his time in Washington, was a total lackey yes-man to owner Dan Snyder, and was one o fthe worst talent evaluators in NFL history with a draft record that makes ours look like a collection of future HOF'ers by comparison.

    I would literaly do the exact oppositie of everything this man suggests, based only on knowing HE suggested it.

    Whats next, Rich Kotite coming out of the woodwork to provide us HIS brilliant insight on how to turn around an never-had-a-losing-season-yet NFL team in "peril"?

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    Funniest part about this is Laron Landry to the Giants.


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