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Thread: Official Game Predictions: Jets-Chargers

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    Fr:NYC to Mid Ga.
    Chargers 17
    Jets 13
    There's some light at the end of the tunnel now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlton View Post
    Yeah maybe if it's raining. I'm thinking more like 29 for 30.
    Yes, bring the young guy with all the honeys!

    JETS acid bus party - see us rollin...

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    Our O will make their D look like it contains 9 pro bowlers. Kyle Wilson will make some backup receiver a star.
    Anything else.?.?.? Oh yeah... we lose 37-10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyahay bus View Post
    Jets 63 Chargers 6

    McElroy 26 for 30, 485 yds, 7 tds 0 ints.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    Points over/under is 6

    NYJets - 3

    Chargers - 2

    Somewhere between these two. Possibly.

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    Chargers 28
    Jets 24

    McElroy plays solid, but throws an interception. Jets nation revolts, demanding a QB with higher draft grade and big arm.


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