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Thread: Does Mark have a future in the NFL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McElroy14 View Post
    After next year (barring a miracle that a team takes him off our hands) what does Mark's future hold? I see him getting brought into a few training camps in the next few years to 'compete' for a starting job, presumably to lose and be a career journeyman backup. Cardinals come to mind and could actually be a good fit for him, not that I think he will find success, (I think the only success he will find would be in the CFL but I doubt he'd ever get that desperate) it's just he would have a great duo with Larry and a young talented receiver in Floyd.

    Another question, is it unreasonable to consider the notion that he may be out of the NFL in three - four years? Does Mark's early success buy him extra time? It certainly bought him extended time with the Jets.
    It's possible he could stick as a 3rd stringer with some other team, I suppose. But to be honest, I hate so much all the bad things he did to this team that I would hate having to look at him ever again anywhere. I want him gone and selling insurance as a full time living.

    Maybe that's a little extreme, but you get my point.

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    My crystal ball shows the Jets keeping Tanny and Ryan because Johnson is a fool. That means Sanchez will be on the roster and will compete in camp for the starting gig next year.

    Want Sanchez gone? Better hope Tanny & Ryan get axed.

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    We all saw today that McElroy is a much worse player than Suckcheese. Neither player belongs in the NFL. Great job drafting Tannybum!


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