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Thread: Jets Christmas Poem

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    Jets Christmas Poem

    Meh. I guess it's charming... in that SOJ kinda way.

    Twas the night before Christmas, our daughters been fed And once again in New York, the JETS sh*t the bed.
    While our baby is nestled, we devise a new plan It’s called: Guess who’s not growing up a JETS fan?
    The coaching’s atrocious, the franchise is weak The QB’s a loser… their future looks bleak.
    My wife in her jersey, and I in my cap Have finally realized… the organization is cr*p.
    When out in New Jersey there arose some odd sounds I dream that Mark Sanchez is sent to the Browns.
    The moon on the breast of a wintery mix As I burn our remaining Jets season tix.
    I hope my man woody calls up a reporter And publically fires them all in this order.
    First Rexy, then Sanzhez, and Sporano must go Send Cromartie to Dallas… Water board Tim Tebow.
    When the dust is all settled, and their lockers are clean Write a breakup email, and send to Shonn Greene.
    Your season is over, it ended in pain Rex’s next job: Assistant coach at Tulane.
    With his constant trash talk, and mushy physique He is set up for failure week after week.
    So come on Mr. Johnson! Let’s create some good luck Replace your front office with guys that don’t s*ck
    then grab a QB who’ll pick up “first and ten” Let Sanchez call games on ESPN.
    My super bowl dreams… once again have been crumbled And this year for Christmas: A gift wrapped butt fumble.
    Merry Christmas New York! The best city on earth!!
    Except for the Jets… who should have been smothered at birth.
    I hate you.

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    Hahaha Sanchez to the browns he wouldn't be able to outplay McCoy much less weeden

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucrenegade View Post
    Hahaha Sanchez to the browns he wouldn't be able to outplay McCoy much less weeden
    McCoy maybe
    Weeden no


    So can Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf and most HS quarterbacks

    One week and two days and Timmy gets to take all five of the plays he can remember out the door and off to Canada

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    Nicely done. Made me chuckle.

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    Good Job! Funny stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post
    Meh. I guess it's charming... in that SOJ kinda way.
    nice job

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    Nice job. Now can a few loyal JET fans please help finish this one?

    Twas the night of the JETS game and all through the stadium
    All the fans they sat silent with pain in thier cranium
    For not knowing what kind of crap they will get from this team
    They tear off the cap on thier flask of Jim Beam

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    This is hysterical.

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    Our coaching is horrible, led by a buffoon they call Rex,
    I dread him coming back more then reading posts from patsfan tex.


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