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Thread: Besides defense what is Rex Ryan good at as HC

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisjets23 View Post
    The owner is an idiot I agree, but he wanted one player. To blame our lack of personnel on offense based on getting Tebow is not even a comparable argument anyway. The rest of the personnel decisions were up to Tanny/Rex. The problem with Tanny is he wouldn't know a talented football player if he fell on him. Why do you think our drafts looked better under Mangini compared to Rex? The reason is because Tanny will draft whoever the coach asks in essence he's not even a GM anyway. What Tanny has failed at though more than anything is bad contracts & giving/extending contracts for the wrong players.

    That's even worse than his bad drafts - the bloated, guaranteed and undeserved contracts Tannenbaum has been throwing around. It has completely hamstrung this organization.

    Just imagine how much better things would be for the Jets if we weren't forced to pay Sanchez and Holmes 20M next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snell41 View Post
    If Tannenbaum goes you must let a new GM bring his own guys in, meaning Rex likely goes.

    What you're proposing is we keep Tanny and in turn keep Rex. We are now a team without a QB, without 3 of our starting LB's, without both Safeties, and decisions to make on the OL, TE, RB and WR as well as Revis. Tanny and Rex will be clamoring to save their jobs for another year by doing whatever it takes to field a respectable team in 2013. Backloading contracts, trading draft picks, signing overrated QB's to high priced contracts (Vick for example), whatever it takes. We are a fragile team right now. Trying to field a respectable team in 2013 will take quite a bit of sacrifice in the long term. A new regime can do this without repercussion. Tanny and Rex can not.

    That's what I'm fearful of if we keep these two - decisions made on the short term that make a bad situation for the Jets even worse over the next 2 or 3 years.

    We've got to begin the rebuilding process right now. A new GM and coaching staff can take the long term view of things and not sacrifice the future for a few meaningless wins next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snell41 View Post
    But name me one other coach beside Rex that is so strongly tied to one side of the ball?
    Norv Turner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Newsflash: just about every NFL HC is tied to one side of the ball. Tom Coughlin is an offensive guru and has been his entire career since being a Wide Receiver Coach under Parcells. Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers is just a glorified QB Coach. Difference between Harbuagh and Rex is Harbaugh has the personnel this year.

    What do you want besides Rex? Cowher and Gruden are not coming here in a million years. Maybe we can hire some mediocre OC or DC who are similarly tied to one side of the ball except unlike Rex they won't be good at it.

    Awesome plan.
    Harbaugh made the tough decisions that Rex is unwilling to make (i.e. benching is QB.) Rex's friendships are more important to him than the team winning. For that reason alone he can NOT and should NOT be a HC in the NFL.

    Sure he has other flaws but I would be willing to overlook most of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Coples is going to be a very good player and already looks good. Rex got Maybin to look like a semi-decent pass rusher for half a season.


    Pouha - was nothing under Mangini and Herm, Rex made him one of the best NTs in the league

    Revis - was a very good CB under Mangini but became all-pro under Rex

    Wilkerson - should make pro bowl this year
    Oh and the fact that those players were young and learning while Mangini was here means nothing? Give REX the credit that they gained experience and full developed and deny that Mangini had little to do with it! Well it sucks. When did Wilkerson play for anyone but Rex in the NFL?

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    Rex will be the head coach of The New York Football Jets in 2013. Why? The guy gets one more chance without the turnover machine behind center.

    I think Rex is great for the organization. Run the football, play good defense and be competent on offense and you will win games in this league.

    He gets another chance to right the ship.

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    Anyone wanna revisit this after today's game? Team played real inspired football, eh? Really gave their heart and soul for their coach. Not to mention that awesome stuttering stumbling post game presser we've all come to love. And he even gave his old pal Eric Smith another chance to remind us how gracefully he runs 4 steps behind TE's just to remind us of the old days.


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