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Thread: Just one more week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    A Rangoon ghetto, perhaps. But then we need to orchestrate the flight arrangements. I like the image of then riding to South America on a bus.
    Na, weather is too nice in Rangoon. Too much potential for a South East Asian type vibe to kick in there and we wouldn't these guys to enjoy themselves in any way.

    I'll still go with the mining town in Bolivia or Peru.

    Or maybe some outpost in southern Chile, about 12 hours away from the nearest big town. The further away we get these bums from New York the less chance we have of seeing them again.

    So who wants to drive the bus?

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    Well on the positive side

    If they get some youth at linebacker they should have a top 10 defense for a while.Mo and Coples really coming on and like what I see out of Mcintyre,although I want Rex fired is for no other reason then still having Eric Smith cover tight ends

    But the offense my god..Need qb,rb,o line,receiver ..the offense is just awful

    Maybe sign some young guys to fill the backers,and draft nothing but offense this draft.Try and trade down to stockpile picks


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