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Thread: The QUIT Is On - Bye Bye Rex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    Feel free to give Rex another pass. It is your right.

    I do not. Rex has not shown either the resolve or intellect to be an NFL HC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    I'm sorry, who are you? Do you post on Jets Insider?

    SAR I
    yeah, just clearly not as much as you do

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    Tanny is going. I don't see how having him stay on in his current role is even a viable alternative. If he accepts a demotion back to bean counter, fine.

    Rex doesn't deserve another year (for the record), but will probably stay. I think the new GM will probably can him next year.

    Tebow is cut and levitates to Jacksonville.

    Mark is traded to an NFC team for 2 cents on the dollar...and we're ecstatic to have those 2 cents.


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