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Thread: NFL Sunday Week 16 Game Thread

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    NFL Sunday Week 16 Game Thread

    Aditi Kinkhabwala ‏@AKinkhabwala
    Plaxico Burress is inactive again for the Steelers. The Bengals' Adam Jones IS playing.

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    Rich Cimini ‏@RichCimini
    Sanchez, McElroy and Tebow all active today. The 3-QB circus in living color on the Jets' sideline. #Jets

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    New York Jets ‏@nyjets
    #RL Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson in last 9 games: 4 sacks, 3 forced FUMs, 1 FUM-return TD, 3 PDs, 1 intl grounding forced, 1 blkd FG

    Wilkerson, rookie DE Quinton Coples--former Hargrave Military Academy teammates--are tied for Jets lead with 4 sacks each.

    4 is the team lead...woo hooo...Great job Rex, Pettine and Dunbar
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    Dennis Waszak Jr. ‏@DWAZ73
    As @AdamSchefter pointed out, the #Jets' flipcard has both Tebow and Sanchez as No. 2 QB

    haha..priceless..Rex can't hurt anyone's feelings

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    OMG. Rex is a joke. If he can't choose a backup how can he run a team.

    This explains a lot of what we have seen during his tenure with personnel.

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    Go Ravens!!

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    Well at least watching the Giants get punked for the 2nd week in a row is entertaining...

    Could someone explain that cluster**** of a fumble call?

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    Refs in the Giant game are brutal.

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    the ravens are shredding the giants D on 3rd downs

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    I actually think the Jets may have a better defense than the Giants this year. Giants secondary has been awful.

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    Face it, the Giants just aren't that good- their defense sucks and Eli hasn't been much more effective than any of our QB's the last 2 weeks- I will LOVE it if they miss the playoffs. Can someone fill me in on how the Giants can miss the playoffs- if the Skins beat Dallas they've got the division but could the Bears or Vikes grab the 6 seed?

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    Giants need to win next week and have
    Washington beat Dallas
    Green Bay beat Minnesota
    Detroit beat Chicago.

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    Even in the middle of another Giants choke job, they find a reason to replay that ****ing Cruz play against us...*sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckesg1 View Post
    Giants need to win next week and have
    Washington beat Dallas
    Green Bay beat Minnesota
    Detroit beat Chicago.
    Nice, it's likely they'll miss the playoffs after all. HA HA HA.


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