I hope that more people are starting to realize this. Just bringing in another QB isn't going to result in anything more than a marginal improvement.

We also need an entire new set of skill position players (except for Kerley in the slot) and a new offensive coaching staff with a different philosophy.

McElroy took all of those sacks because no one was open, and he didn't want to force something and create a turnover. Sanchez turns the ball over by trying to make plays when they aren't there to be made.

People say Tom Brady would still be great with these guys, but there's no way to no that. No great QB would ever consider playing with these scrubs, and no young QB will ever be able to develop with them. That's why Peyton Manning never gave us the light of day during the offseason last year. He wasn't going to kill himself week in and week out trying to elevate the worst group of skill position players in the NFL.