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Thread: Be Proactive: Extend Wilkerson ASAP.

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    Be Proactive: Extend Wilkerson ASAP.

    I think we all saw a trend with Harris, and Revis. The jets waited very close to when their rookie contracts expired to sign them and what happened? Both guys contracts are terrible! Both guys were so close to free agency or franchise tag that we were screwed.

    You have a chance to change that with big Mo. After this season he will have two years left on his rookie deal and a prime time to extend him. I'm pretty sure we all know how this league works. Guys first big season doesn't really get the attention it deserves like Wilkerson this year, however next year he will be known as our top player.

    Here is his current contract:
    7/30/2011: Signed a four-year, $6.87 million contract. The deal included a $3.5 million signing bonus. 2012: $687,500, 2013: $1 million, 2014: $1,212,500, 2015: Free Agent
    If this guy gets close to free agency, or we wait another year he's going to make close to 10m per year. 23 year old guys that fit in any scheme are rare. Lets sign this guys early, and save a ton of cash while locking him up for the next 5-6 years.

    Quick note about a new Gm: tanny needs to go and here's why. If you look at a bunch of his contracts they all were designed to help out the team that year without thinking longerm.

    David Harris? His new contract was the highest ever for a lb. why? Bc he agreed to only have a cap,hit of 4m the first year allowing us to make other moves.

    Bart Scott's contract? In order to save a small amount of money last year we guaranteed his contract this year.

    Mark Sanchez: we did extend him because we liked him. Tanny extended him bc it saved him money for the short term. He knew he wouldn't be here for the next qb, and went All In.

    Tanny has never showed the ability to think long Term for this team. He went for high price free agents, never signed our home grown talent early, and sacrificed our tea, at the draft in order to look for the home run. He was going all in every year which is the worst move in pro football. When you go all bad things happen like drafting a kicker in the second round.

    Have a look around the league And see what the good coaches are doing. Aaron Hernandez and gronkowski are also in their second season like Wilkerson and BOTH have already been extended to team friendly deals.

    extend big mo this offseason!

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