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Thread: Troy Taylor!!

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    Troy Taylor!!

    Anybody remember this guy??

    I remember him being a middle round pick in 1990 I believe??

    I recall the Jets thinking he had great potential.. He was with us two seasons and never heard from him again..

    Did he just not have talent?? Was he hurt??

    Just curious..

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    Yeah, that is the generic response..

    I was thinking along the lines of memories as to why he didn't get much of a chance..

    Especially when we were doing the revolving qb thing back then..

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    Are you saying he deserves a shot now?

    I'm for it.

    Him and Browning Nagle can run the wildcat against Buffalo

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    He couldn't do any worse than the current occupants at that position..

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    If my memory serves me correct, he was an athletic guy who could not make all of the throws. This is most likely why he never really made it in the NFL.

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    Sign the beast! oh wait! wait no don't sign that beast.


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