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Thread: Rex should be re-signed NOW and given contract extension

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    Is this a joke thread?

    Rex Ryan should be fired.

    SAR I

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    Coples and Wilkenson were First rd picks, they were that because they were talented to begin with. Pouha was just as effective in 2008 as he is now. He just never got the reps backing up Jenkins.

    Kerley- Rex being responsible for any development on the Offensive side of the ball is really a stretch.

    And no one will ever take away his ability to game plan, but that is a DC responsibility, not a HC job.

    A HC job is to establish a framework of responsibilities for the team to operate and foster a culture of performance.
    Not unlike what an owner needs to do.......therein lies the problem.

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    Of course he should be fired but we don't have an owner who can make a qualified GM hire without the league stepping in. There is simply no point in firing Rex Ryan without a GM capable of assembling a staff with a plan to move the team forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medianoche View Post
    Guys. Hear me out. Rex Ryan needs to be retained and in addition given a 3 year contract extension. Now is possibly the worst time to be firing your coach. Rex is a proven winner and has had only 1 losing season and has gotten us within 30 minutes of 2 SB appearances.

    Look at the following coaches set to be fired next Monday

    For sure or highly likely to be fired
    1. Andy Reid - Eagles
    2. Jim Scwartz- Lions
    3. Ron Rivera - Panthers
    4. Ken Whisenhut - Cardinals
    5. Chan Gailey - Bills
    6. Fritz Shurmur - Browns
    7. Romeo Crenell - Chiefs
    8. Dennis Allen - Raiders

    Hot seat if DON'T make playoffs
    1. Jason Garrett - Cowboys
    2. Lovie Smith - Bears
    3. Mike Mularkey - Bills

    Rex cannot be fired. There may be a fire sale on coaches and we can do a lot worse than Rex Ryan. At the point if I am Woody Johnson, I am talking to Rex Ryan and talking 5 year extension. He is worth to much to this organization now.

    Fire Tannenbaum
    Other than Andy Reid, who in their right mind would hire anybody on this list? These guys are LOSERS. I am not debating the merits of firing REX, but if you do, these are the type of people out there. Buyer be ware.


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