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Thread: New Front Office/Coaches and Sanchez?

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    New Front Office/Coaches and Sanchez?

    There are many opportunities for the Jets to turn the organization and team around and set it on a path for success. But one situation that may cause a little uneasiness:

    With all the talk about a new GM/HC/OC and the recent decline of Sanchez's play, here is one of my fears. What if the new front office personnel they bring in, choose to stick with Sanchez. Just as an example, I hear a lot of people clamoring for Norv Turner as a possible new OC. If he were to step in and put his 100% support behind Sanchez the way the organization has for the past 4 years, would you still support the new OC? Or would you want an OC that without a doubt will move forward without Sanchez?

    Could we end up in a similar situation to that of the 49ers 2 years ago? Where a new coach comes in but sticks with the current QB who everyone feels is not the answer.

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    Answer or not, Sanchez will be on the roster come next year. Most likely, a veteran is brought in to compete and the best guy wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagroCrag View Post
    Answer or not, Sanchez will be on the roster come next year. Most likely, a veteran is brought in to compete and the best guy wins.
    This. Sanchez will be here next year. Whoever is running things will try to find a better option, but that doesn't mean they keep Sanchez in a cave somewhere never to be seen again. Norv Turner, for example, might feel Sanchez does have redeeming qualities and if anyone has the ability to turn Mark around it would be Norm. Mark has been god awful I agree, mostly by his own fault. But make no mistake he has had some of the worst coaching you could possibly bestow on a young QB. Cavanaugh, Shotty, Sparano, REX! A good coach might actually get better production from Mark.

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    so now sanchez will get another pass on his way to being a jag qb? he has gotten 4 straight years of passes. some are valid and some are not. whether or not he has good receivers is no excuse for strip sacks or throwing to the wrong guy or throwing into coverage or throwing off the back foot etc. the bottom line is sanchez has been making bad decisions for two full seasons.

    he should be given a chance to compete for the job next season and the new oc, assuming sparano goes, should have some great input on sanchez staying or going.


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