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Thread: How To Fix The Jets In One Offseason

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonkertons View Post
    Seems a bit harsh. Not sure how it can be unrealistic AND make the team worse. Thanks for the detailed response though.
    It's unrealistic is that your collection of moves is totally impossible under the current NFL cap rules and projected salary figures and cap limits.

    It's unrealistic in that your trade scenarios are not supportable with facts and expected offers for those players.

    And it makes us worse in that it removes talent, and replaces it with less talent. It trades away some of our best and replaces them with lesser players. It weakens our Defense via talent-loss and scheme change to a system we're not suited currently to run, and does not improve our offense in any material way (David Carr and Mark Sanchez? Seriously?)

    I appreciate your efforts in writing it, but I strongly disagree with most of it. Agree to disagree.

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    I hate this plan. You ignore the most important position: QB. Far that alone, it cannot be given serious thought. The idea of coddling Sanchez for 4 years then handing him the reigns for a 5th season without a legitimate threat to his job (Carr is career backup at this point) is so crazy it makes me wonder if you've watched any Jet game the past few years.

    Wjoerner at #15? LOL he's gonna top 3, top 5 at worst. Pouha a 2nd rounder? Maybe a conditional 6th rounder. Cromartie will fetch a 2nd rounder at best given his age and the amount he makes. Although a late 1st rounder is not insane for him, maybe a team like the Packers would consider that.

    Cutting Holmes also makes no sense. The Jets have a good WR corps for next season, the big problem is QB, which you obviously have no desire to fix. Plus you want to fire Rex, which I think will never happen and is a bad idea at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonkertons View Post
    I don't think Cro for a 1st is really that unrealistic. His cap number is high, but he proved this year that he's an elite #1. If there is a team that feels an elite corner can put them over the top and help them contend for a Superbowl, I don't think they'd think twice about offering up a 1st as long as he can fit within their cap constraints.

    As far as Revis vs Cro, I don't think any team would pay what Revis is actually worth due to the injury. We will get nickel and dimed, and I would rather hold onto the best corner in the league than get a 2nd round pick. As far as the Jets are concerned, I have more confidence in Revis playing at a high level from next year on than I do with Cromartie, even after the injury.

    On Pouha, maybe a 2nd was a bit optimistic, but I could see him fetching a 3rd under the right circumstances. Similar to Cromartie, you would need to find a competitive 3-4 team who wants to lock down their NT position. Pouha has proven when healthy that he's an extremely good one. Considering Tim freaking Tebow netted a 4th rounder from a team that intended on using him as a backup(granted, the Jets are an odd breed) I don't see why Pouha couldn't bring us a 3rd if the market is right, and there generally always seems to be a market for good NTs.

    As far as the finances go with my original post, I had no idea some of these players' cap hits were as high as they are. Didn't realize Pace has a hit of $7.34M. There is no way we can keep him around with that number. We could also re-sign Slauson instead of Moore, to save about $3M. If we do end up switching to the 4-3, we could also look into moving Harris(assuming there is a 3-4 team willing to take on that insane cap-hit).

    Either way, maybe it would be impossible to fix this team in one offseason, but IMO we need to at least attempt to drastically change things here, acquiring as many pieces as we can. Even if we know that means we will be a bad team next season. This team is in need of a rebuild more than any other team in the league.
    Please Pouha is 34 years old next year, makes 5,000,000 per year, either was inactive or missed significant time in 10 games due to a bad back and you think he has a possible trade value of even a 3rd. For less than that salary next year you could get Seymour, kelly, kemoeatu, Sapogoa, kevin Williams, If you want an old 3-4 dlineman


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